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Partially Sighted Football in the IBSA World Games

Date: August 8, 2023

Category: Partially sighted football

The IBSA World Games 2023, an international multi-sport event for athletes with visual impairments, is all set to showcase the thrilling sport of Partially Sighted Football. Held at the Wolverhampton University, Walsall Campus – Sports Hall from August 16th to 22nd, this exhilarating tournament will feature players from seven countries across two continents.

IBSA Partially Sighted Football is for players with less severe, although still acute, visual impairments who are classified as B2 and B3.

In partially sighted football, the opening Worlds were also held in Campinas (Brazil) in 1998. Belarus made history as the winners of that tournament.

The sport has been present in the IBSA World Games three times so far: Sao Paulo 2007 (Belarus was the champion), Antalya 2011 (Belarus was the champion), and Seoul 2015 (Ukraine was the champion).

Ukraine is the current World Champion, having won the final match of the last World Championship (Antalya 2019) 6 to 2 versus England.

An equal number of Partially sighted football teams will compete in this edition, like the previous World Championship. The great difference is the new era of Partially sighted female footballers; together with the B1s, will create female teams and we do hope to be present in LA28. We are working on a dream together as the IBSA Football family.

Elias Mastoras
IBSA Football Chairperson

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