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Our partners

Our Partners

IBSA firmly believes it is essential that sports for people with visual impairments have their own identity and a global body that is dedicated to their athletic development and success.

As an organisation, we can fully focus on ensuring these groups continue to achieve more recognition and can access sports at the grass-roots and high performance levels.

IBSA works with a wide range of organisations that have an interest in sport for people with visual impairments.

Our Partners
Credit: Japan Goalball Association

International Paralympic Committee (IPC)

The IPC is the global governing body of the Paralympic Movement. IBSA is a founding member of the IPC and continues to work closely with the organisation today.

As a member of the IPC, IBSA advocates for athletes with visual impairments not only in the sports that it is the International Federation for, but across the entire Paralympic programme.

This advocacy includes ensuring a fair distribution of medal events in sports such as athletics and swimming as well as in planning accessibility at the Paralympic Games.

IBSA also has world-leading expertise and resources in classification. This means that our experts are often called-upon to lead and take-part in research projects that improve classification in Para sport.

International Judo Federation

The IJF and IBSA work together on the development of judo for people with visual impairments.

As the respective International Federations within judo, both organisations have a mutual goal to see the sport grow.

This includes training IJF referees to officiate in IBSA Judo, support for broadcasting and raising the standard of events. Since 2019 several IBSA Judo Grand Prix have been held alongside high-level IJF competitions, benefitting from infrastructure and resources.


IBSA and UEFA first became involved in 2006. Over the following years the relationship between the two organisations has flourished and UEFA now provides a huge amount of support for the development of blind and partially sighted football across Europe.

This has led to the participation of hundreds of players and the introduction of the sport into many new countries.

World Blind Union

IBSA and the World Blind Union share many common goals. Fundamentally, both organisations exist to ensure that people with visual impairments can access the same opportunities as people without an impairment.

Currently, IBSA and the World Blind Union partner to promote the interests and experiences of their stakeholders to as wide an audience as possible.