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Official website of IBSA
(International Blind Sports Federation)
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ISAS data base

IBSA uses the ISAS (IBSA Sports Administration System - for athlete registration and licensing.

Caption: screenshot of the sign-in page of the ISAS.
The IBSA Sport Administration System is designed to support and facilitate the information management of athletes within IBSA.

IBSA member organisations must register their athletes in the system to ensure they are eligible to compete in IBSA competitions.
We highly appreciate your assistance in keeping the data as up to date and accurate as possible. We welcome feedback on your experiences with using the system and with the processes implemented within it.

The application provides the following tools:

  • Athletes/guides registration in all IBSA sports
  • Classification Management
  • License Management according to the IBSA Licensing Programme
  • IBSA Athlete & License Cards
  • IBSA Sports Calendar

The following steps are to be followed in the athlete license registration process for all IBSA athletes:

1.      The IBSA member organisation requests with the form for a user name and password from the IBSA Sports Administration System (ISAS) -

2.      The IBSA member accesses the ISAS online (with a user name / password and further instructions given by IBSA Assist).

3.      The IBSA member completes the mandatory Athletes License Registration data fields and uploads online the following for each athlete:

a.      A copy of the signed IBSA Eligibility Agreement Form in Word or PDF.
b.      A recent passport size photo [jpg and maximum size 250 KB].
c.      A PDF of the athlete’s passport or identity card [maximum size 1Mb].

4.      Upon all data and eligibility conditions being fulfilled through the registration data capture, the IBSA member can (at the same time) apply for single or multiple athlete licenses for the given season and make a payment via a bank transfer.

It is important to note that only IBSA licensed athletes will be eligible to participate in IBSA events and have their results submitted for consideration on the world and regional ranking lists as well as for world and regional record applications. 



The Invisible Cup - documentary on the IBSA Blind Football World Championships Madrid 2018

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does IBSA achieve its goals?

    To reach our objectives, we encourage all blind and visually impaired people to get involved in different sports and physical activities. You too can become a blind athlete and take part in competitions ranging from school sports to elite level championships for the blind and the Paralympic Games.

  • What is IBSA?

    IBSA, the International Blind Sports Federation, is in charge of a wide range of sports for athletes who are blind or partially sighted.

    IBSA was founded in April 1981 when representatives from 30 countries met at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France, to set up the organisation.

    IBSA is registered as a non-profit making organisation in Germany. We are full and founding members of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), where we represent the interests of visually impaired sportsmen and sportswomen.

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