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IBSA whistleblowing procedure

IBSA, in its continued effort to keep sport for athletes with a visual impairment drug-free, offers a way to report any suspected cases of doping in our sports. We encourage everyone to help IBSA protect clean athletes and preserve the integrity of our sport.

Every time someone steps forward with information on doping, we move closer to a clean and fair playing field for all blind and partially sighted athletes. We appreciate that coming forward with sensitive information is a big decision and one that you may not enter into lightly.

IBSA would be grateful to you for showing the courage and conviction required to raise concerns about cheating through the use of drugs in VI sport.

You have chosen to put your trust in us and we take this very seriously. For this reason, IBSA provides a secure way for you to report activity that you think goes against anti-doping rules. Because our athletes are at the heart of everything we do, any information provided will be kept strictly confidential.

If you have any information about drug use in IBSA sports please contact [email protected].

IBSA whistleblowing procedure