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Call for interest in joining the 2023 IBSA UEFA Challenge Games

Date: October 10, 2023

Category: Football

The IBSA Football Sport Committee would like to invite emerging IBSA UEFA countries to express their interest in organising or participating in the “IBSA UEFA Challenge Games”.

The games should be organised by December 11th, 2023.

As emerging teams are generally considered:
• Blind football male teams that haven’t participated in the last edition of the IBSA regional championship
• Female blind football teams
• Partially sighted (PS) teams that haven’t participated in the last edition of IBSA PS World Championship.

The structure of the event would be a 3-day event, including arrival on Day 1, games, and departure on Day 3.

A minimum of two teams, maximum of three teams can participate.

Priority will be given to neighbouring countries and regional-based events.
There will be no visual classification during this event.

For more information regarding the conditions and the financial support under the IBSA UEFA project, please contact the IBSA Football Project Manager: Mariano Travaglino [email protected]

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