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The decision is yours: Here is how you vote for your athlete representative

Date: August 18, 2023

Category: General

The first ballots for the IBSA Athletes’ Council 2023 elections will be cast this Saturday in Birmingham, when the election booth opens on Saturday August 19.

Here all registered IBSA athletes, competing in an IBSA sport, can cast their votes on the candidate they prefer to be part of the Athletes’ Council. The ballots will be available in both braille and print, and there will be volunteers to assist with the voting if needed. It is very important that all athletes bring their accreditations or passport for identification when voting, as only identified athletes will be able to vote.

Changed dates for voting: When and where to vote

Due to practical reasons, it has been necessary to change the dates of voting, so it will be possible for both athletes in Birmingham and Coventry to cast their votes. Below are the new dates where it will be possible to vote for one of the candidates.

Birmingham (all sports except Goalball): 19-22 August 2023 from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. (11:00-14:00).

Coventry (Goalball): 24-25 August 2023 from 11 A.M. to 2 P.M. (11:00-14:00).

Please note that it will only be possible to vote at the specified times and dates.

The voting booth will be placed by the anti-doping booth at the dining facilities. We hope that all athletes will let their voices be heard and encourage to participate in this first Athletes’ Council election.

Who is your candidate?

Please find the five registered candidates for the 2023 election below:

  • Ilham Zakiyev, Azerbaijan
  • Iida Kauppila, Finland
  • Daniel Powell, Great Britain
  • Emmanouela Masourou, Greece
  • Sela Odhiambo, Kenya

Good luck to all – both at the elections – and to everyone at the IBSA World Games!

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