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International Women’s Day

Date: March 8, 2024

Category: General

This is a very special day for all the women in the world! It is International Women’s Day, and IBSA would like to celebrate it with all the women, especially those related to our sports.

We took some IBSA women, from athletes to staff and directors from our sport committees, to say what is on their minds about this day.

As Coco Chanel, a famous French haute couture fashion designer, once said, “A girl should be two things: who and what she wants”.

Let IBSA women also inspire you and take your fate in your own hands! Share with us on social media @IBSABlindSports your thoughts, quoting the woman’s words you identify with the most.

#Accessibility – Sevda Altunoluk is jumping on the field of play, celebrating one goal with her legs bended, her right arm stretched, and both her fists closed.

“Everything in the world is the work of women. Strong women make history. Happy 8th of March, International Women’s Day for every woman in the World”
Sevda Altunoluk (Turkiye)
Paralympic, World, and European Goalball champion, captain of the Turkish national team

#Accessibility – The Brazilian Paralympic and twice world champion Alana Maldonado gets out of the tatami with her hands up celebrating the new world title!

“Being a woman means being stronger than the eyes can see. It is to have in the heart place for all the dreams in the world. I wish all women around the world a very happy International Women’s Day!”
Alana Maldonado (Brazil)
Paralympic and World Judo champion

#Accessibility – Gracia Sosa, the captain of Argentina swinging the opponent in fantastic style, not only controlling the ball but scoring beautiful goals

“To all the women in the world I wish them a very happy International Women’s Day. Never give up, always fight for their dreams, and be happy!”
Gracia Sosa (Argentina)
Blind Football player and World champion

#Accessibility – Aurora Zanolin is speaking at the opening ceremony of the 2022 IBSA Goalball World Championships in Portugal, with the microphone on her right hand.

“It is not easy to be a woman today. Even if we hear in most of the world that we have achieved the same rights and opportunities that men have and that we are valued exactly like men, the fact that we still talk about “women’s quotas” means that many still believe that we don’t have this value and that we often hold certain high-level roles just because we have won one of those quotas. I don’t think this is what happened to me, either in my private life or in sports. I have never had to “use a pink quota.” I put a lot of effort into work and sports, and many believed that I could do a good job regardless of gender. However, I am proud to be a woman and to have achieved and exceeded some of my goals, continuing to work as best as I can to achieve others.”
Aurora Zanolin (Italy)
IBSA Goalball Sport Committee chairperson

#Accessibility – Juliana Soares is smiling at the IBSA Anti-Doping kiosk in the IBSA World Games in Birmingham. The background wall is saying IBSA PLAY CLEAN

“On this International Women’s Day, I celebrate not only my fight but the fight of all women who, day by day turn obstacles into opportunities, prejudices into sisterhood, and dreams into realities. May our light and resilience keep inspiring, guiding, and changing the world, with more female athletes competing, more women discovering the universe, and more women in leadership positions with more victories and fewer fights!”
Juliana Soares (Brazil)
IBSA Anti-doping Education Director

#Accessibility – Eniko Csokasi with white shirt under a black coat during the IBSA Judo Grand Prix Heidelberg.

“Empowering blind and visually impaired athletes isn’t just a goal; it’s a passion for me. As a woman in IBSA Judo, I’ve found more than a team here: I’ve found a family of professionals, athletes, and coaches to stand by! Over nearly a decade with the IBSA family, I have met incredible heroes, heard their inspiring stories, and grown to deeply respect each and every one of them. Witnessing our competitions reach new quality levels brings me real satisfaction. I truly believe the changes we’ve made provide everyone with the chance to live their biggest dreams, both on and off the mat. I love the emotions we share during these competitions, where I am personally involved, cheering them on every step of the way.”
Eniko Csokasi (Hungary)
IBSA Judo IT Director

#Accessibility – Ellen Grosskopf is in action during a match, with the whistle in her lips, looking right and with her right arm pointing straight.
“I am very lucky to be able to fulfil my dreams through  sports. And all women can! We women have always fought hard. At the moment, we can enjoy incredible rights and stories because other women had the courage to fight in the past. And today, we seek to leave an even better legacy for future generations.”
Ellen Dayane Grosskopf (Brazil)
IBSA Blind Football Referee

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