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Statement by the IBSA Executive Board

Date: October 16, 2023

Category: General

Following the decisions of the IPC General Assembly in Bahrain concerning the NPCs of Russia and Belarus, the IBSA Executive Board met in a special session on Thursday 12th October 2023.

The IBSA Executive Board confirms that it will respect and uphold the decision of the IPC General Assembly, recently held in Bahrain, to partially suspend its IBSA members, Russia and Belarus for a period of the next two years.

The IBSA Executive Board further agreed to support the IPC decision to allow neutral, individual Para athletes from Russia and Belarus to compete in Paris 2024 and other IPC sanctioned events subject to a verification process of neutrality in the form of a protocol agreed by the IPC Governing Board at the end of October.

The IBSA Executive Board also determined that it would wait until the IPC verification protocol is published before it decides how it might apply, or adapt the IPC protocol within its own IBSA sports.

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