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Showdown: European Top Twelve showcases Europe’s best

Date: November 3, 2023

Category: Showdown

The European Top 12 Showdown Tournament, known as ETT, unfolded in Vilnius, Lithuania, over the weekend, bringing together the crème de la crème of the European Showdown. This prestigious event featured the top 12 players from the IBSA rankings, both men and women, and delivered a thrilling showcase of talent, determination, and sportsmanship.

One of the unique aspects of this tournament was the round-robin format, which meant that every player had the opportunity to face off against each other. Each game was played to the best of five sets, intensifying the competition and testing the participants’ skill and endurance.

In the men’s event, the world-ranking leader, Deniss Ovsjaņņikovs from Latvia, demonstrated his exceptional prowess by clinching the top spot. Ovsjaņņikovs only suffered one loss in the tournament, a testament to his consistent performance. The second position was claimed by Marco Carrai from Italy, who secured eight victories out of 11 matches. Adrian Sloninka from Poland secured third place with seven wins. The fourth spot was taken by Christoff Eilers from Belgium, who put up a commendable performance throughout the competition and was the only one who defeated the champion.

#Accessibility – The male podium of the European Top Twelve 2023 edition with (from left to right) the silver medalist Marco Carrai, from Italy, the gold medalist Deniss Ovsjaņņikovs, from Latvia, and bronze medal Adrian Sloninka, from Poland.

Hanna Vilmi from Finland, the women’s world ranking leader, reigned supreme, winning all her matches and dropping just three sets in 11 games. Dominika Czuj from Poland secured the second position with nine victories in 11 matches. Elvina Vidot from France claimed the third position with seven wins, rounding out the top performers in the women’s event.

#Accessibility – The women’s podium of the European Top Twelve 2023 edition with (from left to right) the silver medalist Dominika Czuj, from Poland, the gold medalist Hanna Vilmi, from Finland, and bronze medal Elvina Vidot, from France.

The Vilnius event not only showcased the prowess of the European ranking leaders but also brought forth rising talents from various countries. An honourable mention goes to Marketa Trncakova from the Czech Republic, the lowest-ranking member of the tournament, who fought bravely against the best European players, losing some of the matches only in the fifth set by the slightest of margins.

In conclusion, our heartfelt gratitude extends to the tournament organiser, Linas Balsys, from the Lithuanian Blind Sports Club Vejas, whose dedication and efforts made this event possible.

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