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President’s blog: The triumph of the spirit

Date: August 24, 2023

Category: General

The IBSA World Games in Birmingham have been going on for several days now. On all sports grounds in all sports there is an uncompromising struggle. Wherever I am, whatever competitions I attend, I feel the triumph of the spirit everywhere. I thank the organizers for the great work.

Most importantly the WG staff and volunteers treat everything and everyone with understanding. They try to respond promptly to all comments and requests. Of course, this is a great experience for me and for the new Executive Committee. We are taking note of all we are seeing and being told to help with the organisation of future World Games. But most importantly, along with sports, an atmosphere of friendship reigns here. We all made new friends.

Athletes from different countries not only compete, they have opportunities for personal contacts. Throughout the games we live in one society. This is very important and revealing in our troubled world. Returning to sports, I want to note once again that IBSA will develop, our organization will change, we will do everything so that our athletes, volunteers and coaches can demonstrate to the whole world the beauty of our sport and the determination of all athletes.

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