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New IBSA Football competition calendar

Date: October 2, 2023

Category: Football

IBSA Football’s Sport Committee chairperson, Elias Mastoras, and the IBSA Football Sport Committee are proud to announce the new competition calendar for the period 2024–2028.

IBSA Blind Football and Partially Sighted Football, women and men, are growing in every country, and more teams are ready to participate in international events.

 “After a very productive first-ever forum, we are moving forward to a new era. KPIs helped us identify the gaps in the post-pandemic period, and we introduced a full plan in time. We increase the number of official matches according to all needs; we schedule 3 World Championships for women to meet the criteria for IPC in case of approval for LA28 of the women edition. We will also announce the new UEFA IBSA development plan for more games between emerging countries, women, and U23 national teams. For transparency, we have decided the qualification criteria for the 2028 LA Paralympic Games.” Elias Mastoras, IBSA Football Chairperson

Check out the “Competition Calendar 2024–2028” here and get ready to play!

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