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Mission accomplished by a promised powerlifter champion

Date: August 26, 2023

Category: Powerlifting

The story of Egyptian Mohamed Abdelhamed, 24, has always been connected to Powerlifting. He always admired the sport, although he started to be interested in martial arts.

In 2019, in his last senior year in high school, coach Khaled Ebada watched him win a contest, which got his attention. “I was impressed by his physics, but the rest I only discovered later. He is a complete athlete”, explained Mr. Ebada.

In that moment, an agreement between the two of them was made: the coach promised that he would bring the national championship to Mohamed’s home town, Benisowail, so he could participate. The doors of the future were wide open to the young, passionate Egyptian. However, the road was not that easy.

The date settled for the national championship was a school day, so Mohamed asked permission from his father to skip school in order to be part of the competition, which was refused.

Mohamed did not give up at the first obstacle. At school, he asked permission from the principal, which was also denied. The solution was to run away, jump over the fence, and meet a friend outside the building with a motorcycle that took him to the competition.

“I got second place. I lifted 350kg that time: 150 deadlift, 110 squad, and 90 in benchpress”, he said with a big smile and pride in the achievement.

The qualities for a good powerlifter

In a period of four years, Mohamed pursued something incredible, and not only in Powerlifting. The runaway episode from school was just ambition and not renagating classes. He finished social studies at the University of Benisowail and opened a gym in his hometown where he coaches people, including one blind athlete, 17, who he thinks will be even better than him.

A great fan of the Georgian weightlifter Lasha Talalhadze, Mohamed feels good in Egypt, but if he had to choose another country to develop his Powerlifting, it would be the UK or USA. “They are great countries, but they don’t have much powerlifting. They have also strong athletes, but for a reason I don’t know, they don’t compete anymore in the international circuits”.

#Accessibility – Mohamed Abdelhamed in the first round of the category 110kg is lifting 220kg in squad at the King Edward’s School in Birmingham in the 2023 IBSA World Games

For Mohamed Abdelhamed, there are a number of qualities that a powerlifter has to have to be successful in the sport. “Ambition. Intelligence. Strength. Courage. Persistance. Optimism. Talent, and besides all of these, a good coach that understands you and knows your body”.

Regarding the 2023 IBSA World Games, he was very clear in his answer. “I am here to win! Nothing less than gold or silver”. And he was right. He delivered what he promised. Mohamed Abdelhamed got the gold medal in his category (110kg) in total and the silver in benchpress. Mission accomplished by the promised powerlifter champion.

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