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Astana, Kazakhstan, to host IBSA Powerlifting and Benchpress World Championships

Date: June 6, 2024

Category: Powerlifting

The International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Powerlifting has announced that Astana, Kazakhstan, will host the 2024 IBSA Powerlifting and Benchpress World Championships from 7-14 October.

Around 80 athletes from 12 countries are expected to travel to Astana in the hope of gaining world titles.

Competition will be held in women’s and men’s open, sub-junior, junior and master categories across events that will include total, bench press – single life, squat, bench press – powerlifting and deadlift.

Trophies will also be presented to the top three teams in total, open (men and women) and to individual male and female athletes in total and bench press – single lift, open by good lift points.

The competition will be hosted by the Kazakhstan Blind Sports Federation and Kazakhstan Para Powerlifting Federation.

Nezam Dodel, Chair of the IBSA Powerlifting Committee, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate Mr. Artur Tomitsskiy who is the president of Kazakhstan Parapowerlifting Federation as well as Mr. Medet Baiken as the president of Kazakhstan Blind Sports Federation for their kind interest to host the event.

“Mr. Tomitsskiy is the meet director and with regard to his great experiences for hosting the world Para powerlifting championship in previous years, I trust that we will have a very successful IBSA world powerlifting and bench press championships there in Kazakhstan.”

“The IBSA Powerlifting committee is putting-in its best efforts for developing this exciting sport,” Dodel continued. “We encourage more IBSA members to recruit athletes and send them to the World Championships, which is the most prestigious competition on the sport’s calendar.

“IBSA powerlifting athletes are excellent role models of a famous expression, passion first and then everything will fall in to place.”

IBSA Powerlifting has sent the invitation and entry forms to the 2024 IBSA Powerlifting and Benchpress World Championships to countries. The most current version can be viewed by clicking here.

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