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Memorial of Łukasz “Byk” Byczkowski: a tribute to a unique blind athlete from Poland

Date: December 7, 2023

Category: Showdown

Łukasz Byczkowski, a talented Polish athlete, would have celebrated his 30th birthday on December 1st, but passed away on March 1st this year, having lost his last fight against cancer. His achievements in sports, his passion, and his dedication to the games are deeply remembered by those who were lucky enough to have met him.

The “CROSS” Association, a school for blind students from Wrocław, and Łukasz’s sports club “SPRINT” Wrocław, together with coach Lubomir Prasek, decided to honour Łukasz’s memory by organising a memorial. Between November 29th and December 3rd, 2023, an international showdown tournament – the Memorial of Łukasz “Byk” Byczkowski – took place at the Groman Hotel in Sękocin Stary, near Warsaw.

This extraordinary event was a tribute full of emotions and memories for an exceptional athlete. The atmosphere of the tournament was characterised by friendship and openness to others; there were also rich conversations on life and sports topics. This event was an opportunity not only for sports competition but also for reflection on the values represented by Łukasz.

38 men and 24 women from ten different countries took part in the tournament. At the closing ceremony of the memorial, Łukasz’s closest family was present, along with the guest of honour, his mother, Stanisława Byczkowska.

Among the winners were outstanding competitors:


  1. Piera Folino (Italy)
  2. Sonia Tranchina (Italy)
  3. Sara Fappani (Italy)


  1. Krystian Kisiel (Poland)
  2. Stefan Marcin (Slovakia)
  3. Pierre Bertrand (France)

The list of winners is pretty impressive and proves the very high level of competition as well as international interest in the tournament in memory of Łukasz “Byk” Byczkowski.

This event was not only about sports competition but, above all, about honouring the memory of a unique athlete who will remain in our hearts forever.

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