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Judo and Goalball at the European Para Championships in Rotterdam

Date: August 7, 2023

Category: General

It is already this Tuesday, August 8th, that the European Para Championships will kick off with Judo and Goalball on the menu of the 10 different sports in action.

The main hub, and therefore the venue for multiple sports, is Rotterdam Ahoy. The venue is known as the ‘biggest on earth’ since 1971!

The European Para Championships is a multisports’ event that will be staged every four years and will always be hosted by a major European city in the year preceding the Paralympic Games. Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, is set to host the first ever edition of the event.

The Judo competition is gathering 90 judokas from 19 countries, with 61 men and 29 women, and will start exactly this Tuesday, at 10 am, in two mats of the Rotterdam Ahoy Sports Hall, until the teams’ competition on the 10th of August.

The Goalball tournament, the 2023 IBSA Goalball European Championship – Division C, will have eight men’s national teams, divided into two groups, playing for promotion to Division B. It will be taking place in Hall 4 of the Rotterdam Ahoy between August 10 and 13. Check the groups and the schedule (time in CEST):

Group A

Group B

Thursday – August 10th
9.30 am – Sweden vs Hungary
10.45 am – Bulgaria vs Italy
12.00 pm – Netherlands vs France
1.15 pm – Azerbaijan vs Spain
2.30 pm – Bulgaria vs Sweden
3.45 pm – Italy vs Hungary

Friday – August 11th
9.30 am – Spain vs France
10.45 am – Netherlands vs Azerbaijan
12.00 pm – Hungary vs Bulgaria
1.15 pm – Italy vs Sweden
2.30 pm – Azerbaijan vs France
3.45 pm – Spain vs Netherlands

Saturday – August 12th
9.00 am – 1/4 Final
10.30 am – 1/4 Final
12.00 pm – 1/4 Final
1.30 pm – 1/4 Final
3.00 pm – 5th to 8th
4.30 pm – 5th to 8th

Sunday – August 13th
9.00 am – Semifinal
10.30 am – Semifinal
12.00 pm – 7th-8th place
1.30 pm – 5th-6th place
3.00 pm – 3rd-4th place
4.30 pm – FINAL

Both competitions, Judo and Goalball, will be live streamed, which can be accessed by clicking the live buttons on the homepages of the IBSA website and the IBSA Judo website.

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