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IBSA statement regarding Russia’s and Belarus’ athletes

Date: October 4, 2023

Category: General

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) General Assembly (GA) decisions concerning Russia’s National Paralympic Committee (NPC) and Belarus’ NPC and participation of their athletes in Paris 2024 and other IPC recognized events.

President Rahimov wishes to confirm that the IPC GA decided to proceed with a part suspension of NPC Russia and NPC Belorussia for the next two years but that their athletes would be able to participate in IPC events including Paris 2024 as individual neutral athletes. However this last decision means there is no possibility for team sports participation from those two Members.

The IPC is now working on a Protocol as to how this might enable such individual neutral athletes to participate.

A meeting of IBSA’s Executive Board is being convened to discuss the implications of these IPC motions both in terms of the status of IBSA’s Russia and Belorussia membership, the participation of their para sports athletes & personnel going forward and the participation of their athletes & personnel in IBSA’s other sport events.

A full report of those deliberations will be sent to IBSA Members at the conclusion of that Executive Board meeting.

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