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IBSA Goalball world rankings – August update

Date: August 4, 2014

Category: Goalball

Above you can find the links to the IBSA Goalball world rankings as of the end of July, 2014.
The only tournament to impact on the rankings this month is that of the 2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships.
We would also like to inform you that the weighting for each region has been adjusted. This has also impacted upon the rankings.
Brazil justified their number one ranking by winning the 2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships. Naturally, this means that they have remained at one.
The team that Brazil defeated in the final, Finland, was able to benefit from their runner up position and have jumped from 9th to 4th on the rankings.
The good news also keeps on coming for the Espoo medalists. USA has also raised three spots to be in the top five.
Sitting just outside the five is Spain at six who rose from 10th.
The victims of these increases are Algeria and China who have both slid four spots to now be at 8th and 10th respectively.
The highest ranked team who did not qualify for the World Championships is Sweden who is now sitting at 14.
Well the battle for the top spot between Canada and China seems to have been won by China for this period of time. China is back to holding that top spot while Canada has dropped back to six.
The top three is completed with the current Paralympic champions, Japan, at two and the newly crowned world champions, USA, at three.
The bronze medalists from the world championships, Turkey, can also be proud to know that they have moved up to 7th from 10th.
Israel is now just outside the top 10 with a jump from 14th to 11th.

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