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IBSA Goalball bids for 2026-2027 competitions

Date: March 11, 2024

Category: Goalball

The IBSA Goalball Sport Committee invites bids and full application documentation from IBSA member federations that are interested in hosting IBSA Goalball championships in the 2026–2027 period.

Eligible nations must be in good standing with IBSA.

The deadline to apply for the tournaments is 26 April 2024. After the deadline, the IBSA Goalball Subcommittee has the right to negotiate with individual organisers without using the normal bidding process.

Tournaments are:

* 2026: World Championships; European Championships (Group B); Youth Regional Championships (Africa, Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe);

* 2027: Regional Championships (Africa, Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe); European Championships (Group C); Youth World Championships.

Interested federations should apply using an IBSA Competition Sanction Form available at:

Please ensure that your application includes the following:

  • The specific name of the tournament you want to host;
  • The name of the closest major airport; and transportation arrangements to the venue from the airport;
  • The proposed location, including facility and venue details relevant to the IBSA Goalball competition rules;
  • A letter of support from your IBSA member federation (if the applicant is not the IBSA member federation)
  • A funding plan that includes proposed revenue sources, expenses, and anticipated tournament costs

If you have any questions or need clarification regarding the bid process, please feel free to contact [email protected].

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