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Election for the athlete representative on the IBSA Executive Board

Date: July 12, 2023

Category: General

The IBSA Executive Board hereby wishes to call for elections to the IBSA Athletes’ Council as well as for candidates to stand for election to the positions of the IBSA Athletes’ Council.

The purpose of the IBSA Athletes’ Council is:

  • To represent athletes from all IBSA sports in a representative advisory function in the IBSA Executive Committee (specifically through the constituted representative to the board).
  • To give input to the Executive Board in matters concerning athletes.

We urge all IBSA members and sports committees to share this information with all athletes eligible to stand for election or vote and encourage athletes to participate actively in the elections. The IBSA Executive Board would likewise encourage athletes to vote or stand for election, if they so wish, no matter gender, age, nationality, sport, etc.

Deadlines and required documentation:

To stand for election for the IBSA Athletes’ Council, the following documentation must be sent to member of the Executive Board, Mads Baulund, at [email protected], no later than Monday, July 31, 2023, 11.59 P.M. The following documentation must be attached to the email confirming that the athlete is running for the IBSA Athletes’ Committee:

  1. Letter of motivation.
  2. Resumé of the athlete.
  3. Letter of support from the IBSA member organisation of the athlete’s nationality.

The deadline must be adhered to, and any non-compliance with these criteria will result in the athlete not being eligible to stand for election at the IBSA Athletes’ Council elections.

  1. Who is eligible to vote:

All IBSA athletes registered in the ISAS database and licenced for 2023 have the right to vote, though physical attendance at the IBSA World Games is a requirement as the voting process will take place at the Games. To exercise that right, athletes must go to the designated voting area (specified later). The voting will take place from 19 –24 August 2023 depending on the sport.

  1. Who can be a candidate for the election: Any active athlete from all 7 IBSA sports: Chess, Football, Goalball, Judo, Powerlifting, Showdown, Ten Pin Bowling. As English is the official language of IBSA, it is necessary for the candidates to speak and understand English (although not fluently).
  2. How many candidates will be elected for the IBSA Athletes’ Council: One male and one female from the three Paralympic Sports and one candidate from the non-paralympic sports.
  3. Who will be the athlete representative serving on the IBSA Executive Board in a non-voting capacity. This person will be one of the three athletes who are elected to the Council. The IBSA Athletes’ Council chooses and constitutes the Chairperson of the Council– and the Chairperson must be one of the three elected for the IBSA Athletes’ Council.
  4. When will the election take place: It will take place at the IBSA World Games in two sessions as the sport events take place in different locations:
  • Goalball (Coventry): 19 – 20 August
  • All other sports (Birmingham): 20 – 24 August

More information will be given as to the designated voting area and the specific opening hours of the voting area, where it will be possible to cast votes.

The results of the elections will be declared on August 25.

  1. The vote requires the presence of the athlete, and no proxy votes will be accepted – no matter if the proxy has power of attorney. Athletes’ identities will be verified by their accreditation or passport. Voting ballot cards will be in print and in braille so that everyone can participate.
  2. The period of this election term will run from the 2023 IBSA World Games through the 2027 IBSA World Games, when a new IBSA Athletes’ Council election will take place.

Candidates’ Code of Conduct

  • Relate well with other candidates during the election and with other athletes during the election term;
  • No personal attacks against other candidates, IBSA officials, members of IBSA leadership, or other IBSA members may be made, although legitimate matters of difference may be raised;
  • No promises or undertakings to influence the election;
  • Candidates cannot hold social functions with the aim of promotion or influencing the election;
  • Candidates cannot give gifts or make monetary inducements to others;
  • Candidates are permitted to give interviews to the media during the election period and the campaign period.
  • No promotional material may be distributed at any IBSA sanctioned competition venues;
  • Candidates may only campaign and give out campaign materials during the 2023 IBSA World Games in the designated campaign area.

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