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World Games (Goalball): Japan in men and China in women are on their way to Paris 2024

Date: August 27, 2023

Category: Goalball

The Goalball national teams of Japan (men) and China (women) secured this Sunday their places in the next Paralympic Games in Paris 2024.

They were the winners of the Goalball tournament that was part of the 2023 IBSA World Games and took place at the University of Birmingham, although the Coventry Building Society Arena hosted the Goalball competition.

Japan defeated South Korea in the men’s final (7-3) and China defeated Japan in the women’s final (3-0).

The Road to Paris 2024 didn’t finish in Birmingham at the World Games. There are still the Parapan American Games and Asia Pacific Championships, both in November, and European A and African Championships in December, which will qualify the respective winners of each gender. In the case of having the same winners as in the World Games, the second-placed national teams in Birmingham will also make their way to Paris 2024.

Check out the results of the last day of competition and the standings:

Sunday, August 27th
5th place
Finland vs Turkiye: 6-2
Lithuania vs Ukraine: 2-9
South Korea vs Japan: 3-7
5th place
USA vs Israel: 5-1
Brazil vs Canada: 2-0
Japan vs China: 0-3
1st – Japan
2nd – South Korea
3rd – Ukraine
4th – Lithuania
5th – Finland
6th – Turkiye
7th – Iran
8th – USA
9th – Germany
10th – Greece
11th – Argentina
12th – Australia
13th – Great Britain
14th – Egypt
1st – China
2nd – Japan
3rd – Brazil
4th – Canada
5th – USA
6th – Israel
7th – Great Britain
8th – Germany
9th – Greece
10th – Finland
11th – Australia
12th –Ukraine

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