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Using goalball to celebrate disability

Date: December 9, 2013

Category: Goalball

December 3 was the UN’s International Day for People with a Disability. Around the world there were many events organized to celebrate this day and promote what people with a disability are capable of achieving.
One such event was organized at the Cumhuriyet University, Physical Education and Sports High school.
A goalball tournament was held where blind and vision impaired athletes took on students of the school.
This gave the students the opportunity to participate in a sport where they do not use their eyes. It also gave them the chance to see that despite their disability, the blind or vision impaired athletes could play a physical sport at a competitive level and no one was at an advantage. This is one of the fine points of the sport of goalball, everyone; blind, vision impaired or fully sighted can play against each other at an equal level. Therefore bringing people with a disability and those without a disability together on an equal playing field.
The organisers want to thank all players and staff, referees, officials and the organisation staff
for putting on this tournament.

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