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UEFA #EqualGame campaign kicks off at Champions League match day 1

Date: September 12, 2017

Category: Football

Following the successful launch of UEFA's #EqualGame initiative under the RESPECT banner last month in Monaco, today – match day 1 of the UEFA Champions League – will see the first airing of a new television advertisement to back up the campaign.

As a Football and Social Responsibility partner of UEFA, IBSA welcomes the new RESPECT initiative, called ‘#EqualGame’, which builds on the strong anti-racism awareness created by the ‘No to Racism’ campaign. UEFA still considers its anti-racism message as a vitally important cause, and will continue to work tirelessly with its partners and stakeholders to eradicate this problem from football.

The new objective of #EqualGame is to spread the positive spirit of inclusion, amplify a clear and uplifting message about the benefits football brings to the community, show how the game will be enriched by greater diversity and explain the European football family’s role to make the sport open and accessible to all.

Diversity and accessibility for all includes for blind and partially sighted footballers, who have benefited from UEFA support through the two successful blind football European development projects IBSA has rolled out since 2006.

By highlighting the importance of inclusion, diversity and accessibility of football, UEFA and its stakeholders will be demonstrating its firm, zero-tolerance stance on discrimination in football. Equally, UEFA will celebrate and showcase all kinds of football being played by all kinds of people from different backgrounds across our national associations and clubs – with respect shown to differences in gender, race and sexuality.

As part of the initiative, UEFA will release a new two-minute mini football documentary every month to showcase the daily life of football-lovers in Europe and focus on the role that football plays in their lives. The documentaries will ensure that diversity in football is made visible in a very immersive way.

One of the first videos in the series will feature a blind player from Hungary – watch this space for more news!

Caption: UEFA Respect banner.

#EqualGame web site


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