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Super European Goalball League schedule confirmed

Date: July 26, 2012

Category: Goalball

The Super European Goalball League (SEGL) tournament, bringing together the best European men´s goalball players and teams has reached the final composition.

Teams to compete in a Champions League-type competition are FIFH Mighty Ducks (Sweden), Näpäjä (Finland), Saltinis (Lithuania) and Vi Ge Noordzee (Belgium).

Schedule for the competition:

30.11. 2012-02.12.2012: first stage of SEGL, Lahti, Finland;
22.03.2013-24.03.2013: second stage of SEGL, Malmö, Sweden;
24.05.2013-27.05.2013: third stage of SEGL, Lithuania;
26.09.2013-29.09.2013: final stage of SEGL, Bruges, Belgium.

In the first stage in Finland teams from Spain and Germany will also take part. In the other competitions there will be a change for two visiting teams to see how they can compete with the best European club teams.

Primary contact person:
Mr. Erkki Miinala,
email: [email protected],
telephone: +358442912126.

Other contact persons:

Mrs. Katja Heikkinen,
email: [email protected],
telephone: +358414416741


Mr. Kari Räsänen,
email: [email protected],
telephone: +358405861205.

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