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Sports committees chairmanships – statement from the Executive Board

Date: November 16, 2017


To: All Members of the International Blind Sports Federation, (IBSA)
A number of members and candidates have raised questions about the process for the selection of sports committee chairs. We will explain the process the Executive Board has adopted for selecting the sports chairs for this quadrennial in the paragraphs below.
We have informed all candidates who have applied to be a chair for a specific sport that sports chairs will be selected after an interview process. The Executive Board has appointed an interview panel. Henk Van Aller, IBSA’s Executive Director, is in the process of scheduling the interviews. All candidates will be interviewed, even if there is only one applicant to chair a specific sport.
The interview panel will ask all candidates a series of identical questions regarding the role of sports chair. They will also be given the opportunity to offer additional information to support their application during the interview.
The interview panel will make a recommendation to the Executive Board to appoint a sport chair for each IBSA sport. We will announce the appointments of sports chairs to the membership once they are made by the Executive Board.
We are acutely aware that member organizations need to set their budgets for the coming quadrennial and that they need to know who will be appointed from their country when setting their budget. It is the goal of the Executive Board to complete these appointments as soon as possible.
Please contact the Executive Director, Henk Van Aller, on [email protected] if you have any additional questions.

Thank you for your assistance.   
Robert J. Fenton


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