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September 2016 IBSA Goalball Rule Change Proposals

Date: October 17, 2016

Category: Goalball

This is now the third month that the new rule proposals for 2018 – 2021 have been publised


A summary of the new proposals from the last two months and the suggested amendments to those proposals can be viewed from the attachment with this article.  Any changes to the proposals can be identified when you see the month above the rule number.  Search for September for the current month's changes.


IBSA Goalball will continue meeting regularly to discuss the feedback in an effort to clean and straighten out the proposals before the testing period commences in January of 2017 for the on court rules of the game (Part A).  Regulations from Part B will continue to receive feedback until later in 2017.


There aren’t many chances left to have your say so send your feedback to the Regulations Co-Ordinator at [email protected].  We will continue to analyse and display the feedback each month before December when final decisions will be made before the testing period begins.

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