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Road to Lima 2019 for South American goalball teams

Date: December 9, 2017

Category: Goalball

Peru is the host for the Parapan Lima2019 goalball competition. Six men’s and women’s team started on Thursday the competition for South American sub-regional goalball championships.

The teams in action are Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. At the same time the Lima2019 local organising committee is testing the venue and operational practices.

Maximus Project is a social development and empowerment program for people with disabilities through sports practice. The project is sponsored by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Maximus Project is operated by the Arcángeles Foundation.

Results match day 1


Paraguay vs Colombia 1-11 (1-4)
Ecuador vs Uruguay 15-5 (6-2)
Uruguay vs Colombia 2-11 (2- 6)

Chile vs Colombia 2-5 (1-2)
Peru vs Uruguay 13-3 (7-1)
Paraguay vs Ecuador 5-5 (4-1)
The championships will continue until Sunday 10th December. 


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