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Rio 2016 – important announcement from the IBSA Judo Committee

Date: May 16, 2016

Category: Judo

Long list request
Paralympic Games Rio – Judo
To whom it may concern
Dear NPCs and IBSA members
According to the IPC Qualifications Guide for the Paralympic Games in Rio (P. 69), NPCs have to provide the long list of athletes to the organizers.

As you know the Qualifications Guide regulates the nomination for the PG. One part of the slot belongs to the NPCs, this is the direct allocation. (See file above “Allocated slots from NPCs”.)

In this case you have provide the names of nominated athletes by weight categories. The NPCs has right to nominate more names in one weight category in priority order, but the nominated athletes should disposes WRL points. (See file above “Judoka’s long list”) You can use more rows if you need.

Please read the attachments very carefully, fill the application form very precisely and reply before the deadline.
Only the judoka can enter and take part at the Paralympic Games who possess proper eye classification and whose name can be found on the current IBSA Judo Classification Master List.

The draw will be managed by the data of Master List. Please check the Master List very carefully and if you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact the proper IBSA representative.
The second part of the nomination runs by the Bipartite Commission Allocation. The judokas are invited by the decision of IBSA Judo by names. It is no chance to change the name. The NPCs whose judoka cannot take part at the Paralympic Games (due to several reasons) must return the slot on time. As an information you can see the list of judokas with Bipartite Commission decision. (File above “decision for Bipartite Commission Information”.)
Other general information:

  1. The RIO local organizers ensure eye classification prior to the PG in the Paralympic Village in any case. (The further information can be provided for the NPCs.)
  2. Judogi back number will be provided by the local organizer. (The further information can be provided for the NPCs.)
  3. The NPCs /IBSA member countries have to prepare the yellow and red circle as required.
  4. The dress code is the same as ruled by IBSA Judo – no changes.

The judoka’s long list form must be completed and sent back to [email protected] and [email protected] latest May 25, 2016. It helps if you can send it earlier.
Mr. Norbert Bíró Chairman,
Mr. János Tardos Sport Director
IBSA JUDO Committee

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