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Reminder – IBSA Football Committee call for bids for next regional championships

Date: December 19, 2019

Category: Football

The IBSA Football Committee respectfully reminds all IBSA member countries that the process is now open to submit bids to host upcoming regional blind football championships.

Countries have until the end of this year to send an initial expression of interest.

The committee is looking to the future and is keen to have hosts in place well in advance of the next cycle of regional events.

The events for which the committee is requesting expressions of interest in organising are the following:

– 2020 European Championships Division 2 (preferably in late september/early October)
– 2021 African Championships
– 2021 American Championships
– 2021 Asian Championships
– 2021 Central American Championships
– 2021 European Championships Division 1

IBSA member organisations are invited initially to send an email expressing their interest in hosting these regional events by Tuesday 31st December. The email should be addressed to IBSA Executive Director Henk van Aller ([email protected]) and IBSA Football Committee Chair Ulrich Pfisterer ([email protected]).

Interested countries will then be asked to complete and submit a full bid to host using the IBSA sanction application form by Tuesday 31st March 2020. If they so wish, countries may submit a full bid along with their expression of interest. 

All of the championships will be part of the qualification process for the next IBSA Blind Football World Championships in 2022.

The committee has decided to bring forward the European Championships Division 2 to the second half of 2020 following a request to do so from several countries. By holding the Division 2 championships in 2020, those countries which qualify for the 2021 European Championships Division 1 will not face the burden of seeking funds for two major events in one year.

For more information on the process or requirements please contact [email protected].


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