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Paralympic champions surprised in Ankara

Date: July 19, 2022

Category: Goalball

The Goalball Paralympic champions in Tokyo2020, Brazil (men) and Turkey (women), were surprised by their opponents in the final of the International Ankara Cup, which took place at the Gazi University Sport Hall.

In the men’s competition, Turkey beat Brazil by 5-2, and in the women’s tournament, Brazil defeated Turkey by 10-3. In both genders, Japan got the bronze medal: in men against Iraq (13-9), and in women against Egypt (10-0).

The event was attended by the Turkish Sport’s minister, Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu, and gathered some of the best worldwide Goalball national teams.

Check all the results of the competition, standings and finals:

July 15th

Kazakhstan vs Turkey (3-13)
Egypt vs Brazil (3-12)
Japan vs Iraq (12-13)
Turkey vs Egypt (12-2)
Iraq vs Kazakhstan (15-8)
Brazil vs Japan (13-8)
Turkey vs Egypt (11-1)
Brazil vs Japan (6-3)
Egypt vs Brazil (1-11)
Japan vs Turkey (0-9)

July 16th

Turkey vs Iraq (21-11)
Egypt vs Japan (1-11)
Kazakhstan vs Brazil (2-12)
Japan vs Turkey (2-12)
Brazil vs Iraq (10-0)
Egypt vs Kazakhstan (3-2)
Turkey vs Brazil (7-6)
Japan vs Egypt (10-0)
Egypt – Turkey (1-11)
Japan vs Brazil (9-6)

July 17th

Turkey vs Brazil (10-6)
Kazakhstan vs Japan (1-11)
Iraq vs Egypt (12-7)
Turkey vs Kazakhstan (11-8)
Brazil vs Egypt (9-3)
Iraq vs Japan (10-20)
Brazil vs Egypt (11-1)
Turkey vs Japan (3-2)
Brazil vs Turkey (6-12)
Egypt vs Japan (0-10)

July 18th

Egypt vs Turkey (6-10)
Kazakhstan vs Iraq (11-12)
Japan vs Brazil (7-11)
Iraq vs Turkey (1-11)
Japan vs Egypt (12-4)
Brazil vs Kazakhstan (14-4)
Turkey vs Japan (11-6)
Iraq vs Brazil (7-17)
Kazakhstan vs Egypt (2-8)

July 19th

Brazil vs Turkey (7-5)
Japan vs Kazakhstan (11-1)
Egypt vs Iraq (11-4)

1st Turkey (27P-9W-111-45)
2nd Brazil (24P-8W-1L-104-44)
3rd Japan (12P-4W-5L-89-76)
4th Iraq (12P-4W-5L-81-117)
5th Egypt (6P-2W-7L-37-82)
6th Kazakhstan (0P-9L-41-89)
1st Turkey (18P-6W-53-16)
2nd Brazil (9P-3W-3L-46-33)
3rd Japan (9P-3W-3L-34-24)
4th Egypt (0P-6L-4-64)

Bronze: Japan vs Iraq (13-9)
Gold: Turkey vs Brazil (5-2)
Bronze: Japan vs Egypt (10-0)
Gold: Turkey vs Brazil (3-10)

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