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Pajulahti 2017 blog: Seremeti feels underdog status suits the Swedes

Date: August 31, 2017

Category: Goalball

We bring you the latest entry in the blog for the IBSA Goalball European Championhips 2017 in Finland next month…

Swedish men’s goalball national team player Fatmir Seremeti is the eighteenth writer in the Pajulahti 2017 blog.

Experienced Seremeti and the whole Swedish team played a fantastic tournament in the 2016 Rio Paralympic Games as they finished fourth. Seremeti believes that their underdog status might have helped their team mentally as they could just relax and enjoy the ride. He hopes they can replicate that feeling in the Pajulahti European Championships on September.

Sweden is also hosting the 2018 World Championships in Malmö, which will surely give them some extra boost in Pajulahti. Seremeti’s blog entry can be read here:

There will be total of 22 blog entries from 22 different writers in the Pajulahti 2017 blog. A new entry will be published every Wednesday and the last one will be released a week after the European Championships.

Each entry will be published both in English and Finnish.

The 2017 IBSA Goalball European Championships will be held in the Pajulahti Sports Institute, Finland on 18th-22nd September.

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