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Message from the Chairman of the IBSA Shooting Subcommittee

Date: January 14, 2013

Category: Shooting

Hello all Shooting Friends!

Happy New Year 2013!

Thanks to all of you who made competitions in 2012 open to all visually impaired shooters. In 2013, I wish you every success in organizing and participating in national open championship in your country and in other shooting competitions.

Despite strong rumours that a host had come forward to organise European or world championships in 2012, these were unfounded.

While local and national competitions can help develop IBSA shooting, for visually impaired shooting to become a Paralympic discipline we must have a busy calendar of IBSA events in place and must organise world championships.

Unfortunately, only France in 2000 and, since 2002, Slovakia, have hosted championships.

I look forward to another country coming forward and organising the next IBSA World Shooting Championships.

Stefan Kopcik
IBSA Shooting Subcommittee
[email protected]

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