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Meet Phryges, the mascot for Paris 2024

Date: November 29, 2022

Category: Goalball

A symbol of liberty, embodying French values and spirit, the famous Phrygian cap directly inspired the mascots of Paris 2024, named Phryges!

An international symbol of liberty worn by freed slaves in Rome and appearing on many different emblems in North and South America alike, the Phrygian cap, also known as the liberty cap, has also become one of the symbols of the French Republic.

Today, it represents a common reference for French people: in art (as a metaphor for freedom), within French institutions symbolic of the Republic, worn by Marianne in every town hall and it even features on everyday objects such as coins and stamps.

As the Paris 2024 Games approach, the Phryges are joining the people of France for a new revolution: a revolution of sport!

By choosing a mascot with a visible disability, Paris 2024 also aims to provide people with disabilities with as much visibility as possible, boldly promoting the Paralympic and sporting values of inclusion.

The three IBSA Paralympic sports (Goalball, Judo, and Blind Football) are also represented by the mascot.




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