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May 2017 IBSA Goalball World Ranking Released

Date: June 8, 2017

Category: Goalball

This month the Lady and Men Intercup in Malmo saw twelve women’s and ten men’s teams from three regions competing.  As a result there is some movement in the rankings.

China has now replaced Brazil as the top women’s team.  This is the first time that Brazil has not held the top spot in 2017.  The top ten women’s teams with their previous month’s rankings are China (2), Brazil  (1), Turkey (3), USA (4), Canada (7), Japan (5), Russia (6), Israel (8), Australia (11) and Germany (9).  Great Britain can count themselves unlucky.  They did so well in Malmo yet they managed to drop from 10th to 12th.

Other notable movements in the table were Finland  (14 to 17), El Salvador  (30 to 25), Honduras (34 to 29), Panama (35 to 31) and South Korea (25 to 36).

The top ten teams in the men’s division were relatively quiet in comparison.  Those teams (with the previous month’s ranking) are Brazil (1), Lithuania (2), Turkey (3), China (4), USA (5), Czech Republic (8), Ukraine (6), Sweden (7), Canada (11) and Iran (10).  Finland dropped out of the top ten for the first time since December 2016 and now sit in 11th spot.

Other notable movements in the men’s table were Algeria (14 to 18), Nicuragua (41 to 36), Guatemala (43 to 37), Panama (46 to 40), Venezuela (54 to 46), Bulgaria (48 to 55), Austria (52 to 58) and Netherlands (53 to 60).  Brunei and Bosnia and Herzegovina dropped out of the rankings as we haven’t seen them play in any competition for the last four years.


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