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Last call for Asian Goalball to Paris 2024

Date: November 9, 2023

Category: Goalball

Next Monday, November 13th, kicks off the 2023 IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific Championships. The event is the last call for regional national teams to get their tickets to Paris 2024.

Hangzhou, the city that welcomed the latest edition of the Asian Para Games two weeks ago, will host the event.

The Chinese men’s national team and the Korean women’s national team are already qualified for the Paralympic Games due to their silver medals in the last edition of the World Championships. The Japanese men’s national team and the Chinese women’s national team are also qualified as well due to their gold medals at the 2023 IBSA World Games, last August, in Birmingham, UK.

This means that even if one of these countries win the regional competition, the slot will be released for the other finalist.

Check out the list of national teams that will be playing for the continental title:

Group A

Group B

Group C

In the men’s tournament, Iran, which won a bronze medal in the recent Asian Para Games, is in a very good position to get their ticket to Paris 2024. China will be participating, but it is already qualified. Japan, which won a silver medal in the same competition two weeks ago, decided not to participate in this continental championship, opening up all the possibilities for the Persian squad.

In the women’s tournament, Japan appears in the first line for qualification. With China and Korea already qualified, Japan, Australia, and Thailand will play for the last Asian slot in Paris 2024.

Nevertheless, everything is open until the last day, for the finals. Check out the calendar for the entire competition. Hours in CET (+5 local time):

Monday, 13th

(w) 4 am – China vs Thailand
(w) 5 am – Japan vs Australia
(m) 6 am – China vs Pakistan
(m) 7 am – Australia vs Thailand
(m) 9 am – Iran vs Kazakhstan
(m) 10 am – Korea vs Mongolia
(w) 11 am – Japan vs Thailand
(w) 12 pm – Australia vs Korea

Tuesday, 14th
(w) 4 am – China vs Australia
(w) 5 am – Korea vs Japan
(m) 6 am – China vs Thailand
(m) 7 am – Pakistan vs Australia
(m) 9 am – Iran vs Mongolia
(m) 10 am – Kazakhstan vs Korea
(w) 11 am – China vs Korea
(w) 12 pm – Thailand vs Australia

Wednesday, 15th
(m) 4 am – China vs Australia
(m) 5 am – Thailand vs Pakistan
(m) 6 am – Iran vs Korea
(m) 9 am – Mongolia vs Kazakhstan
(w) 10 am – China vs Japan
(w) 11 am – Korea vs Thailand

Thursday, 16th
(m) 4 am – A1 vs B4 (#23)
(m) 5.15 am – A2 vs B3 (#24)
(m) 6.30 am – B1 vs A4 (#25)
(m) 9 am – B2 vs A3 (#26)
(w) 10.15 am – C1 vs C4 (#27)
(w) 11.30 am – C2 vs C3 (#28)

Friday, 17th
(m) 4 am – W#23 vs W#24 (#29)
(m) 5.15 am – W#25 vs W#26 (#30)

Saturday, 18th
Bronze medals
(w) 4 am – L#27 vs L#28
(m) 5.15 am – L#29 vs L#30
GOLD medals
(w) 8 am – W#27 vs W#28
(m) 9.15 am – W#29 vs W#30

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