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Judo: Turkey and Ukraine won the Euro Team Championships

Date: September 5, 2022

Category: Judo

The men’s national team of Turkey and the women’s national team of Ukraine were the winners of the 2022 IBSA Judo European Team Championships. The third and last day of competition was for the teams tournament, with six male teams and three female teams participating, both with one IBSA team with several countries integrated.

It gathered 61 athletes (41 men and 20 women) from six different countries.

#Accessibility – The Turkish and Ukrainian women’s national teams are conducted to the tatami by the referee

#Accessibility – Italian judoka upside down with both legs apart during one fight of the European Teams Championships

Final standings:

1.º Turkey
2.º Ukraine
3.º IBSA
3.º Georgia

1.º Ukraine
2.º Turkey
3.º IBSA

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