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Judo slots’ decision for Paris 2024

Date: November 6, 2023

Category: Judo

After the Tokyo Paralympics, a historic change took place in Parajudo. In order to make the competitions fairer, the IPC introduced two eye classes. J1 eye class is for blind and nearly blind athletes, and J2 eye class is for partially sighted athletes.

This increased the number of medal events in judo to 16. During the Paris Paralympics, it was not possible to precisely plan the number of participants per eye class and gender. Therefore, the IPC provided 30 gender-free slots, which had to be distributed approximately in proportion to the number of people per weight category.

The IBSA Judo Committee constantly monitored the development of the numbers and made a decision for the IPC to distribute gender-free slots. The IPC accepted the proposal.

The Road to Paris 2024 official document presents the allocation of slots, taking into account the mandatory requirements of the IPC Guide.

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