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Judo: Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine with two world champions on Day 1

Date: November 8, 2022

Category: Judo

The new eight world champions were found on Day 1 of the 2022 IBSA Judo World Championships at the Heydar Aliyev Arena, in Baku, Azerbaijan. The light weight categories of men and women in both classes (J1 and J2) were the first ones to get the blind and visually impaired Judo rulers.

Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and Ukraine are leading the gold race in this fabulous world championships, with almost 250 athletes from 41 countries fighting in three tatamis, but focusing attention on the finals. Actually, this competition has been dominated, so far, by Turkey and Ukraine. To the two gold medals we already have, we need to add two silver medals, which means four presences in the final fight in eight categories so far. In other words, Turkey and Ukraine put their flags in half of the finals on Day 1.

A few surprises happened, the most unexpected was in the J2 class, -73kg category. The victory smiled on the Iranian judoka Vahid Jeddi, but on the road to the gold, the Paralympic champion in Tokyo 2020, Huseyn Rahimli, was stepped aside by the Kazakh Olzhas Orazalyuli (bronze medal in Baku). Rahimli was even put out of the medals by his countryman Namig Abasli (also a bronze medalist).

Check out the new world champions and the complete podium of the eight categories played on Day 1:

J1 -60kg
1st – Seyed Abadi (IRI)
2nd – Abdurrahim Ozalp (TUR)
3rd – Marcos Blanco (VEN)
3rd – Henry Borges (URU)

#Accessibility – Podium of the J1 -60kg men’s category with the Iranian Seyed Abadi in the center with his gold medal

J1 -73kg
1st – Yergali Shamey (KAZ)
2nd – Lennart Sass (GER)
3rd – Alex Bologa (ROU)
3rd – Dong Dong Camanni (ITA)

#Accessibility – Podium from left to right: Lennart Sass (GER), Yergali Shamey (KAZ), Dong Dong Camanni (ITA), and Alex Bologa (ROU)

J2 -60kg
1st – Davyd Khorava (UKR)
2nd – Thiego Marques (BRA)
3rd – Luis Gavilan (SPA)
3rd – Zurab Zurabiani (GEO)

#Accessibility – Khorava (UKR) and Marques (BRA) share the podium with the two bronze medalists: Gavilan (SPA) and Zurabiani (GEO)

J2 -73kg
1st – Vahid Jeddi (IRI)
2nd – Rufat Mahomedov (UKR)
3rd – Namig Abasli (AZE)
3rd – Olzhas Orazalyuli (KAZ)

#Accessibility – Last podium of Day 1 with the Iranian gold medalist Vahid Jeddi in the middle

J1 -48kg
1st – Nataliya Nikolaychyk (UKR)
2nd – Ecem Cavdar (TUR)
3rd – Rocio Dure (ARG)
3rd – Rosicleide Andrade (BRA)

#Accessibility – Podium with the three judokas from the J1 -48kg finals celebrating their medals smiling and with their arms up

J1 -57kg
1st – Dondu Yesilyurt (TUR)
2nd – Priscilla Gange (CAN)
3rd – Anzhela Havrysiuk (UKR)
3rd – Liana Mutia (USA)

#Accessibility – Dondu Yesilyurt (TUR) in the podium with silver and bronze medalists in J1 -57kg category

J2 -48kg
1st – Akmaral Nauatbek (KAZ)
2nd – Sandrine Martinet (FRA)
3rd – Shahana Hajiyeva (AZE)
3rd – Yuliia Yvanitska (UKR)

#Accessibility – Podium with the four medalists’ judokas from Kazakhstan, France, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine

J2 -57kg
1st – Zeynep Celik (TUR)
2nd – Inna Sych (UKR)
3rd – Dayana Fedossova (KAZ)
3rd – Junko Hirose (JAP)

#Accessibility – Podium and guests of honour standing to hear the national anthem of Turkey for gold medalist Zeynep Celik

Jeyhun Hasanov/IBSA
Elmar Sadikhov/IBSA



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