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Judo: Information for IBSA World Games

Date: June 15, 2023

Category: Judo

The 2023 IBSA World Games are coming up, almost two months from today, and Judo is one of the main competitions taking part in the event.

There is some important information that all sports agents should know.

All judokas must possess the IBSA ISAS code. All IBSA athletes must be registered on the IBSA Sport Administration System (ISAS). Entries should be made through the ISAS Online Registration System 60 days before the event: and through the forms for the organising committee. Registration made only in ISAS will not be considered, and registration made only with LOC will not be considered. Both must be completed and submitted within the deadline stipulated by the LOC.

Each IBSA member can inscribe a maximum of two (2) athletes per category for this event. One athlete can fight only in one eye class and weight category in an event.

Competition will be taking place at the University of Birmingham Sport & Fitness, between August 23 and 25,, in three mats.

The system of competition for six (6) or more athletes will be by eliminatories + double repechage. For five (5) or less athletes will be by round robin. Every contest will have four (4) minutes (real time). Competition categories: Men: J1 -60 kg, J1 -73 kg, J1 -90 kg, J1 +90 kg & J2 -60 kg, J2 -73 kg, J2 -90 kg, J2 +90 kg Women: J1 -48 kg, J1 -57 kg, J1 -70 kg, J1 +70 kg & J2 -48 kg, J2 -57 kg, J2 -70 kg, J2 +70 kg.

For this and other relevant information, please check the full version of the event information document. For general information about IBSA World Games please the general information document.

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