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Judo: First medals in Grand Prix Brazil

Date: July 3, 2022

Category: Judo

The first day of competition at the Centro de Treinamento Paralímpico de São Paulo, venue for the 2022 IBSA Judo Grand Prix Brazil, was dedicated to the lightweight categories in J1 and J2 classes.

There were some surprises regarding new winners, like Marcos Blanco, from Venezuela, who got the final victory in combat against Faical Chebieb. The world ranking leader in the -73kg category, the Romanian Alex Bologa, won the access to the final, but due to a calf injury couldn’t face the home judoka Rayfran Pontes, which doesn’t put the leadership in danger just before the World Championships in Baku.

In J2 classes, the Kazakhstan ladies were dominant. In both categories decided this Saturday, Akmaral Nauatbek (-48kg) and Dayana Fedossova (-57kg) beat the competition. In the J1 class, the Brazilian Rosicleide Andrade confirmed her undefeated status to Baku, and Priscilla Gagne, from Canada, got the first place against the South American competition from Argentina (2.º) and Brazil (3.º).

Here are the final results of Day 1:

Men (J1)
1st: Marcos Blanco (VEN)
2nd: Faical Chebieb (ALG)
3rd: Roberto Paixão (BRA)
3rd: Yonaldy Gonzalez (CUB)

1st: Rayfran Pontes (BRA)
2nd: Alex Bologa (ROU)
3rd: Yergali Shamey (KAZ)
3rd: Harlley Arruda (BRA)

Men (J2)
1st: Ishak Ouldkouider (ARG)
2nd: Thiego Marques (BRA)
3rd: Bryan Aburto (MEX)

1st: Mouloud Moula (ALG)
2nd: Nathan Petit (FRA)
3rd: Azamat Nokushev (KAZ)

Women (J1)
1st: Rosicleide Andrade (BRA)
2nd: Rocio Ledesma (ARG)

1st: Priscilla Gagne (CAN)
2nd: Paula Gomez (ARG)
3rd: Benilce Lourenço (BRA)

Women (J2)
1st: Akmaral Nauatbek (KAZ)
2nd: Carmen Brussig (SUI)
3rd: Giulia Pereira (BRA)

1st: Dayana Fedossova (KAZ)
2nd: Laura Gonzalez (ARG)
3rd: Lúcia Araújo (BRA)

Photo: Tuane Fernandes/CBDV

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