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Ivory Coast blind football update

Date: June 24, 2017

Category: Football

The Ivory Coast Sports Federation for the Blind and Partially Sighted has reported to IBSA on this year's national blind football championships.

Eight teams from all over the country are taking past in this year's competition. The teams were drawn in two groups of four and the league stage of the competition concluded recently. The top two teams from each group have qualified for the semi-finals on August 26th.

Participating teams

Group A
ASAMCI : Association Sportif des Aveugles et Malvoyants de Cote d’Ivoire
ANAVPACI : Association Nationale des Aveugles et Volontaires pour la Promotion des Aveugles de Cote d’Ivoire
OCAMB : Organisation Communale des Aveugles et Malvoyants de Bouaké
CSAD : Club Sportif des Aveugles de Daloa

Group B

ASDVY : Association Sportive des Déficients Visuels de Yopougon
AJAS : Association des Jeunes Aveugles Sportifs. (basé à Agboville)
APICAMCI : Association pour la Promotion et l’Insertion Communautaire des Aveugles et Malvoyants de Cote d’Ivoire
USAMT : Union Sportive des Aveugles et Malvoyants de Toumodi

Following the group stage match day three, ASAMCI topped group A on seven points while CSA-DALOA finished second on five points.

In group B APICAMCI-MAN came out on top, also on seven points, and ASDV-YOPOUGON took second place just one point behind.

Top scorers were Kouakou Franck (ASAMCI) and Napare Zakaria (APICAMCI) on five goals each.

Click here for a TV report on the championships, and above for the full report from the federation.

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