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International on-line blind chess competition next week

Date: April 23, 2020

Category: Chess

The Chess Club of the Romanian Association of the Blind and the Tandem-Arena Sports Club are pleased to announce that they will jointly organize an international on-line chess competition with prizes. The competition will begin next Monday, April 27th.

The games will be played on the platform via the Winboard application, an application that is fully accessible to blind users of screen readers, and which has, thanks to Mr. Antoniu Ioan, an interface also in Romanian.

The playing time allocated to each chess player for a match will be 15 minutes + 12 seconds/move incrementally, the arbitration will be provided by Mr. Florin Jidanu, the only visually impaired chess referee from Romania, and the results and even the games can be tracked on the specialized server

The other organizational aspects, such as the game system, the round schedule or the value of the prizes will be determined according to the number of participants.
If you’re interested in taking part in the competition contact the Tournament Referee at [email protected].

The organisers conclude the invitation on a positive note: “In troubled times and marked by uncertainties such as these we live in, we have the belief that the chess passion microbe can defeat the coronavirus. Therefore, we invite you to join the contest! Good luck!”


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