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IBSA World Games Goalball – getting serious

Date: May 16, 2015

Category: Goalball

With only two days remaining of round robin play on day 5 of the 2015 IBSA World Games, the top contenders started picking it up a gear to seal their quarter final birth while other nations battled it out for pride.

Czech Republic continued their dominance of Pool A after strong performances over Spain and Turkey. However, Turkey did register a win for the day after a very tense battle with Sweden. The final score was 3-2. Meanwhile, Egypt locked in their first win after defeating Mexico who also lost out to the host nation, Korea.

In Pool B, Lithuania was the dominating team on day 5. They had an easy win over Japan but then had a determined Belgian team to deal with. Eventually the Lithuanians were victors with the narrowest of margins, 6-5.

China continued to keep their campaign on track in Pool X action. They charted two more very convincing wins on Thursday. Their victims this time were Spain and Denmark. Israel also had another healthy win to remain in the winner’s circle.

There were two draws in Pool Y on day 5. Japan and Great Britain couldn’t be separated in their fight for a quarter final spot. The end result was one goal apiece. The other draw ensured that no team in Pool Y would end the tournament on 0 points. Algeria and South Korea finished 5-5 in a battle for pride. This wasn’t the end of the close matches in Pool Y. It was full of top matches on Thursday. Two matches ended on 3-2. One saw Canada victorious over Sweden and in the other saw the Germans move past the Japanese. The Australians also continued their good form with a gutsy 4-2 win over Canada.

For full results, please see below.


Pool A:

South Korea 7-4 Mexico

Czech Republic 9-4 Spain

Sweden 2-3 Turkey

Egypt 9-7 Mexico

Czech Republic 8-5 Turkey

Pool B:

Lithuania 11-4 Japan

Venezuela 3-13 China

Canada 2-6 Iran

Belgium 5-6 Lithuania

Japan 10-0 Venezuela


Pool X:

China 11-2 Spain

Finland 1-5 Israel

Denmark 1-11 China

Group B:

Sweden 2-3 Canada

Great Britain 1-1 Japan

South Korea 5-5 Algeria

Canada 2-4 Australia

Japan 2-3 Germany

Great Britain 3–1 Algeria

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