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IBSA names new sports chairs

Date: October 25, 2013


The IBSA Executive Board has confirmed who will be in charge of each of IBSA’s sports committees for this term of office.

At a recent meeting and following a nomination process open to all IBSA member countries, the Board ratified recommendations put forward by the new Sports Director, Torsten Karlsson.

Sports chairs for the period 2013-2017 are:

Goalball – Kari Marklund (Sweden)
Judo – Norbert Biro (Hungary)
Football – Ulrich Pfisterer (Germany)
Ninepin Bowling – Andreja Razlag (Slovenia)                     
Powerlifting – Nezam Dodel (Iran)
Shooting – Michael Whapples (Great Britain)    
Showdown – Krister Olenmo (Sweden)
Tenpin Bowling – Toshiaki Aomatsu (Japan)
Torball – Max Ott (Austria)                                        
Swimming – Jane Blaine (Canada)
The positions remain vacant in the other IBSA sports.
Sports chairmen and chairwomen are now working on recruiting members for their respective committees. IBSA member countries wishing to submit nominations to sit on any of the IBSA sports committees as ordinary members (no nominations can be accepted for the position of chairperson on those committees whose chair has already been confirmed) are asked to complete the nomination form (see link above) and submit it to Henk van Aller, the IBSA Secretary General, at [email protected].

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