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IBSA Goalball referees now needed

Date: August 22, 2014

Category: Goalball

We only announced yesterday the date and location for the 2015 IBSA Goalball European Championships Men C for early February. This means there is less than six months to go so the organisers and organizing committee have to get cracking to get everything organized for a great championship.
Therefore, a day after the announcement of the championships, we are now putting out the call for referees willing to attend these championships.
If you are an eligible IBSA Goalball level II or III referee and willing to attend then we ask that you contact the referee’s coordinator, Aurora Zanolin, no later than 15 September 2014. You should send your expression of interest to [email protected].
Selected referees will be notified via e-mail no later than 15 October 2014.

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