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IBSA Goalball keeps the manuals coming

Date: February 18, 2014

Category: Goalball

Along with the rerelease of the ITO and referee manuals, IBSA Goalball has released another manual.
A procedures manual has been created by the Senior Course Conductors (SCCs) in conjunction with IBSA Goalball.
The purpose of this manual is to guide tournament organisers and technical delegates to use best practices during major goalball tournaments. Major tournaments include the Paralympic Games, World Championships and all regional championships.
A second goal of this document is to improve the working between all officials at tournaments and to clarify the roles of all officials. This includes referees, ITOs, goal judges and NTOs as well as organizing staff.
You can find a copy of this manual on our documents for referee’s page.
IBSA Goalball would like to thank those who all worked extremely hard in developing this document. You should be proud of your efforts.

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