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IBSA GA – reminder from the Secretary General

Date: August 29, 2017


Dear IBSA friends,
Here is a friendly reminder to register for the IBSA General Assembly to be held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, from 26-29 October 2017.
The deadline for registration is September 1st (this Friday).
On the IBSA website you can find all the documents and information we have sent to you last July:
As you might have noticed we have also sent out a call for nominations for the (chairs for) IBSA committees:
In this message we want to explain the relation between the executive board and the other bodies of our organisation.

Attached is the chart of the IBSA organizational structure. On the top end is the General Assembly, electing the executive board and deciding on other major topics.

The IBSA executive board is responsible for the organisation and ‘making things happen’ within the mission and vision, the approved strategy and annual plans. The board is supported by an executive director, the IBSA Assist office, several committees and occasionally professional contractors, to fulfil the tasks resulting from these plans. These committees are appointed by the executive board and the chairs of these committees holds responsibility to the executive board.
In the new structure, which was already prepared in the last general assembly in Copenhagen in 2013, IBSA will have a limited number of members of the executive board. As you can see in the application form, the board will consist of the following officers:

Secretary General
Members-at-large (5)

Each of the members at large will have his/her own portfolio. These will be assigned based on expertise and interests of the elected officers.
The IBSA subcommittees are assigned specific tasks, like addressing doping issues, advising on medical and classification issues, organising championships, or making decisions in legal disputes. IBSA has committees for each of our sports, the regions, medical issues, and legal and ethic topics. This requires specific expertise that we have briefly described in the profiles that we have sent you.
The members of the IBSA subcommittees are appointed by the executive board. In order to ensure the support of the members in the regions, the chairs of the regions will be elected by the members from that region. This will take place in the evening of Thursday 26 October. The specific time and place will be sent to you in due course.
We encourage you to attend the 10th IBSA general assembly, nominate candidates for the executive board and the committees and help us in building a strong and professional sports organisation.

Please notice that only members in good standing are able to attend the assembly. If you have not paid your membership fee (including 2017), please contact us as soon as possible.
We hope to see many of you in two months' time in Romania!
Kind regards

Henk van Aller
Secretary General

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