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IBSA Blind Football referee training course set to begin

Date: March 29, 2021

Category: Football

The first of the three scheduled sessions in the on-line referee education course for new blind football officials will take place later today. The course has proven to be a huge success, with over 220 aspiring refs registering from all corners of the world.

Today’s two-hour session will give participants a solid grounding in blind football and its rules, and over the entire six-hour course the goal is to learn together about the rule of blind football and how referees should act before, during and after a match. There will be a close study of the 18 rules in the lasw of the game, analyzing them with practical examples and videos from real matches.

In addition, participants will learn referees’ placement during a match and the roles of all the officials involved, not just the on-field referees.

The course is hosted by the IBSA Football Committee as part of the UEFA-backed Development Project Europe. Session two will be on Monday April 26th from 18:00 to 20:00 CET and the third and final session will take place on Monday May 17th, 18:00-20:00 CET. Officials taking part in all three sessions will be awarded a certificate of participation.

Crowds at blind football

Sadly the maximum capacity is 100 people so many applicants were left out on this occasion, but future training opportunities are in the pipeline and they will be given priority for upcoming courses.

IBSA Blind Football Refereeing Co-ordinator Mariano Travaglino, who will conduct the course, is looking forward to the inaugural session:

“I’m pleasantly surprised by the huge amount of people who signed up for the course: 222 applicants from 40 different countries. This level of interest motivates us to continue organising referee seminars and shows the great development the sport is having in all continents.”

“With these three sessions a lot of countries will, for the first time, have trained referees to support the growth of blind football in their countries.”

“We would like to thank UEFA for supporting these activities, and a huge thanks also to all the participants for their interest and enthusiasm”, concluded Travaglino.

For more information on refereeing in blind football contact [email protected].

For more information on the IBSA Blind Football Development Project Europe contact [email protected].

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