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Hosting a VI Ten Pin Bowling competition

Date: January 25, 2024

Category: Tenpin Bowling

In the past, there were no clear, specific criteria and rules for IBSA tenpin bowling events for VI athletes. In 2022, after the COVID pandemic, a new IBSA Tenpin Bowling Sport Committee standardised the format of all events and introduced new qualification and world ranking requirements.

The first qualification manual for the IBSA World Games 2023 was published and came into effect in December 2022.

Tenpin bowling events for visually impaired athletes are taking place annually. As these competitions have different levels, the IBSA Tenpin Bowling Sport Committee is to issue a handbook with all explanations. Something which has never been done in the past. The handbook is to be released soon, in 2024.

Types of VI-only competitions IBSA-sanctioned events: World Games, World Championships, and continental championships.

Please note that Classification, Anti-doping, and Capitation Fees are compulsory at all sanctioned events.

You can find the latest Sanction Form here.

IBSA-unsanctioned events: any world-based event organised by an IBSA member country with the minimum of three IBSA countries taking part at the event. No need to fill out any form; from 2024, an IBSA member country can have the option to publish their event on the IBSA calendar with all the necessary information, i.e., entry form, invitation letter, etc.

National championships: any national championships organised by IBSA member country in which VI athlete categories are taking place and the results are counted separately. From 2023, the IBSA Tenpin Bowling Sport Committee has the goal of collecting all national championship results for VI only.

Unsupported events: due to the fact that some Asian organisations are organising paratenpin bowling events also for VI athletes, but without a proper VI classification, antidoping, or any IBSA-standardised rules, the IBSA Tenpin Bowling Sport Committee does not support those, i.e., World Parabowling Tours.

World ranking events and criteria are being discussed and will be published soon.

For further queries, please contact the IBSA Tenpin Bowling Sport Committee chairperson, Mr. Zdeněk Barlok: [email protected]

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