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Goalball World Championships’ timetable

Date: September 27, 2022

Category: Goalball

The way to meet the new Goalball World Champion is already known! The timetable for all the matches to the finals was released, and both host national teams (men and women) from Portugal will set the beginning of the competition.

As it was mentioned in the draw ceremony, the 2022 IBSA Goalball World Championships will have the women’s competition in groups A and B, and the men’s tournament in groups C and D.

Check the dates and timetable for the entire event, which will take place at the Centro de Desportos e Congressos de Matosinhos, Portugal, between December 7th and December 16th (CET):

December 7th (Wednesday)
Hall 1
6.30pm – Opening ceremony
8pm – Portugal vs Japan (group C)
9.10pm – Portugal vs Australia (group B)

December 8th (Thursday)
Hall 1
11.10am – Turkey vs Korea (A)
12.20pm – Algeria vs Mexico (A)
1.30pm – Denmark vs France (A)
2.40pm – Canada vs Argentina (A)
3.50pm – USA vs Japan (B)
5pm – Brazil vs Great Britain (B)
6.10pm – Israel vs Egypt (B)
Hall 2
11.10am – Brazil vs Algeria (C)
12.20pm – Turkey vs Germany (C)
1.30pm – Canada vs Belgium (C)
2.40pm – China vs Lithuania (D)
3.50pm – Ukraine vs Argentina (D)
5pm – USA vs Egypt (D)
6.10pm – Iran vs Colombia (D)

December 9th (Friday)
Hall 1
10am – China vs Ukraine (D)
11.10am – Colombia vs Lithuania (D)
12.20pm – Argentina vs USA (D)
1.30pm – Egypt vs Iran (D)
2.40pm – Germany vs Canada (C)
3.50pm – Portugal vs Turkey (C)
5pm –Brazil vs Japan (C)
6.10pm – Belgium vs Algeria (C)
Hall 2
10am – Portugal vs Japan (B)
11.10am – USA vs Brazil (B)
12.20pm – Great Britain vs Israel (B)
1.30pm – Egypt vs Australia (B)
2.40pm – Mexico vs Denmark (A)
3.50pm – France vs Canada (A)
5pm –Turkey vs Algeria (A)
6.10pm – Argentina vs Korea (A)

December 10th (Saturday)
Hall 1
10am – Canada vs Mexico (A)
11.10am – Algeria vs Korea (A)
12.20pm – Argentina vs France (A)
1.30pm – Denmark vs Turkey (A)
2.40pm – Israel vs USA (B)
3.50pm – Brazil vs Japan (B)
5pm –Portugal vs Egypt (B)
6.10pm – Australia vs Great Britain (B)
Hall 2
10am – Portugal vs Canada (C)
11.10am – Turkey vs Brazil (C)
12.20pm – Japan vs Algeria (C)
1.30pm – Belgium vs Germany (C)
2.40pm – Ukraine vs Lithuania (D)
3.50pm – Iran vs Argentina (D)
5pm – Colombia vs Egypt (D)
6.10pm –USA vs China (D)

December 11th (Sunday)
Hall 1
10am – Argentina vs Egypt (D)
11.10am – China vs Iran (D)
12.20pm – Lithuania vs USA (D)
1.30pm – Ukraine vs Colombia (D)
2.40pm – Algeria vs Turkey (C)
3.50pm – Japan vs Belgium (C)
5pm – Portugal vs Germany (C)
6.10pm – Brazil vs Canada (C)
Hall 2
10am – Brazil vs Portugal (B)
11.10am – Great Britain vs Egypt (B)
12.20pm – USA vs Australia (B)
1.30pm – Japan vs Israel (B)
2.40pm – Turkey vs Canada (A)
3.50pm – Korea vs Denmark (A)
5pm –Algeria vs Argentina (A)
6.10pm –Mexico vs France (A)

December 12th (Monday)
Hall 1
10am – Denmark vs Algeria (A)
11.10am – France vs Turkey (A)
12.20pm – Canada vs Korea (A)
1.30pm – Argentina vs Mexico (A)
2.40pm – Israel vs Brazil (B)
3.50pm – Portugal vs Great Britain (B)
5pm – Egypt vs USA (B)
6.10pm – Australia vs Japan (B)
Hall 2
10am – Turkey vs Japan (C)
11.10am – Canada vs Algeria (C)
12.20pm – Portugal vs Belgium (C)
1.30pm – Germany vs Brazil (C)
2.40pm – Egypt vs China (D)
3.50pm – Iran vs Lithuania (D)
5pm – USA vs Ukraine (D)
6.10pm – Colombia vs Argentina (D)

December 13th (Tuesday)
Hall 1
10am – Iran vs USA (D)
11.10am – Egypt vs Ukraine (D)
12.20pm – Colombia vs China (D)
1.30pm – Argentina vs Lithuania (D)
2.40pm – Belgium vs Brazil (C)
3.50pm – Portugal vs Algeria (C)
5pm – Germany vs Japan (C)
6.10pm – Canada vs Turkey (C)
Hall 2
10am – Portugal vs USA (B)
11.10am – Egypt vs Brazil (B)
12.20pm – Australia vs Israel (B)
1.30pm – Great Britain vs Japan (B)
2.40pm – Argentina vs Turkey (A)
3.50pm – Mexico vs Korea (A)
5pm –France vs Algeria (A)
6.10pm – Canada vs Denmark (A)

December 14th (Wednesday)
Hall 1
10am – Turkey vs Mexico (A)
11.10am – Korea vs France (A)
12.20pm – Algeria vs Canada (A)
1.30pm – Denmark vs Argentina (A)
2.40pm – Japan vs Egypt (B)
3.50pm – Brazil vs Australia (B)
5pm –Israel vs Portugal (B)
6.10pm – USA vs Great Britain (B)
Hall 2
10am – Algeria vs Germany (C)
11.10am – Japan vs Canada (C)
12.20pm – Turkey vs Belgium (C)
1.30pm – Portugal vs Brazil (C)
2.40pm – China vs Argentina (D)
3.50pm – Lithuania vs Egypt (D)
5pm – Ukraine vs Iran (D)
6.10pm – USA vs Colombia (D)

December 15th (Thursday)
Hall 1
10am – Male quarter-final1: C1 vs D4
11.15am – Men quarter-final2: D2 vs C3
12.30pm – Men quarter-final3: D1 vs C4
1.45pm – Men quarter-final4: C2 vs D3
5.30pm – Women semifinal1: winner QF5 vs winner QF6
6.45pm – Women semifinal2: winner QF7 vs winner QF8
Hall 2
10am – Women quarter-final5: A1 vs B4
11.15am – Women quarter-final6: B2 vs A3
12.30pm – Women quarter-final7: B1 vs A4
1.45pm – Women quarter-final8: A2 vs B3
5.30pm – Men semi-final3: QF1 vs QF2
6.45pm – Men semi-final4: QF3 vs QF4

December 16th (Friday)
Hall 1
10am – Men’s bronze game
11.30am – Women’s bronze game

3pm – Men’s FINAL
5pm – Women FINAL

6.30pm – Closing ceremony


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