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Goalball: The Pharaohs are on their way to Paris 2024

Date: December 15, 2023

Category: Goalball

The men’s Goalball national team of Egypt managed to put an end to Algeria’s hegemony in the 2023 IBSA Goalball African Championship. The Pharaohs squad defeated Algeria in the final of the tournament (4-3), conquering the continental title and getting the slot of qualification to Paris 2024!

Dramatic enough for the home team, the match was so balanced that at the end of the first half, Algeria was winning 2-1. In the return after halftime, Egypt scored two straight goals and got ahead, but not until the end. Algeria equalised the scorer once more, and it was only after a long ball penalty that the Egyptian team got the final advantage (4-3), which they kept until the final whistle.

Great explosion of joy at the Hassan Moustafa Sports Hall, with some tears of happiness, celebrating the historical victory that gives the continental title to Egypt for the first time and, even better, put the Pharaohs squad in the next Paralympic Games in Paris 2024.

#Accessibility – In the image, the women’s Goalball Algerian national team is in lineup at the centre of the Hassan Moustafa Sports Hall in Cairo, Egypt. They are wearing the traditional green and white gear.

In the women’s competition, it happens the other way around. Again, in a final between Algeria and Egypt, in fact, the two African Goalball superpowers, the Algerian squad, clearly more experienced for these international stages – Egypt is in renovation and has a 15-year-old player –, managed to get the title that was always in its possession with a victory of 12-2.

Check out the final standings:

1st – Egypt
2nd – Algeria
3rd – Ghana
4th – Cote d’Ivoire
1st – Algeria
2nd – Egypt
3rd – Ghana

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